The Sand-filled Spike at Sandy Creek

Event Description:

Welcome to the Sand-filled Spike!

In the heart of Sandy Creek, concealed under the water oaks, a beautiful sand volleyball court lives. Teams from around the world gather under the veil of darkness, seeking glory in the realm of secrecy. On a pristine sand court, illuminated only by moonlight, the sand witnesses fierce battles and electrifying athleticism. The players, shrouded in mystery, display unmatched skills and strategize with whispers and hidden signals. Spectators, granted exclusive invitations, marvel at the gravity-defying jumps and thunderous spikes. This hidden volleyball world offers a refuge for those who crave a covert clash of titans, where legends are born.


Sandy Creek

Game Details:

2v2 Sandy Volleyball

Rally Scoring Games to 25


Camper Scholarship; $350

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