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Barbell & Books

Welcome to our unique gym, where fitness is more than just a routine – it’s a journey tailored to your individual goals. Here, you’ll find the freedom to work out at your pace, focusing on your personal objectives. We value your progress, which is why we are an athlete driven free form gym with guides instead of coaches. We employee business techniques learned from Gino Wickman’s book “Traction”to reach our goals.

Our gym is not just about physical gains, but also mental enrichment. Once a month, we gather for a stimulating book club, where we explore literature that inspires and empowers us to grow beyond the gym. A little unconventional we know, but we think you will love it.

Teens in Training – The “TNT” Venture

TNT is a strength and conditioning program for junior high and high school athletes. It revolves around earning shirts of various ranking. Shirts are earned based on your performance on fundamental lifts and runs. TNT is also a reading program for students, they are expected to meet unique reading goals on a weekly or monthly basis. If those expectations aren’t meet the programing billing gets passed from the parent to the athlete. These athletes also meet with the book club on the last sunday of the month and work through the same traction training document weekly.


What books do the athletes read in TNT?

-Books can be part of a series of Challenges presented by Barbell and Books

-Books can be reading requirements aligned with school.

-The primary goal is for students to read deep books or books that provide infromation and direciton.

Gym Type:

Athlete Driven




General – 13+
Teens in Training TNT- Junior High and High School


Read at least one book a month, Book Club on the last sunday of the month. 6-8pm




Mon-Fri 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 Am Classes

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